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Where for the last 10 years Canadians have gone for all their digital scales needs. We offer a wide selection of scales so no matter what type of scale you need we have it!! We carry: 



  • Baby Scales

  • Gem Balances

  • Bathroom Scales

  • Grain Scales

  • Body Fat Scales

  • Kitchen Scales

  • Bowl Scales

  • Manual Scales

  • Carat Scales

  • Mini Scales

  • Counting Scales

  • Palm Scales

  • Fishing Scales

  • Pen Scales

  • Flip Scales

  • Shipping Scales


We offer the full line of Proscale, Jennings and as an authorized My Weigh Gold Seal Merchant; we are pleased to also offer the full line of My Weigh Scales.

Buy in Canada, from a Canadian company- That is the way to go!!! Get fast shipping; get the peace of mind knowing that you are buying from the TOP Canadian scale Company. There are NO hassles and NO Custom Duties

We at Canadian Weigh strive to offer the absolute best customer service and best quality scales.

Have a question? Email us at cs@canadianweigh.com and get a response within 24 hours!

Thank you for shopping at Canadian Weigh and we look forward to helping you find the perfect scale for you!




Dear Canadian Weigh,

Thank you for donating a scale in-kind to AARCS. The scale will be used to measure the weight of puppies as they undergo treatments. Your generosity is much appreciated and will help us improve the health of our animals.




Pound Rescue Cats at Bowdog

Dear Canadian Weigh,

On behalf of Pound Rescue, I would like to thank you very much for your generous donation of a baby scale for our cat adoption centre. This will enable us to get an accurate weight for all the cats when our veterinarian prescribes medication, plus it will assist us with keeping track of the weights of the malnourished and underweight cats. Many of these cats have been living on the streets as strays, or have been rescued from neglectful hoarding situations., so you can imagine they are not always in good health when we first get them. Having the scale in the cat room will be a valuable tool for us while we are trying to get them all healthy. Pound Rescue would not be able to rescue the hundreds of animals a year that it does, without the generosity of the public and donations from companies like yours.

Thanks again for your assistance and kind donation; it is greatly appreciated!


Maureen Hurly,

Coordinator of the Pound Rescue Cats at Bowdog


Susan Malone

Dear Canadian Weigh

Just a note to let you know that the replacement scale arrived at our local post office this morning. I've picked it up and will be taking it to the volunteer who is fostering a 3-week old kitten that was brought to our rescue group yesterday. You have no idea how useful this scale is for what we do.



baby scale

Susan and Ronnie (the kitten, snuggled up beside a Beanie Baby that's bigger than he is!)